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3 Highlights From the Social Media Examiner's 2012 Report

3HighlightsFromSoMeReport blogpicSocial Media Examiner released its 4th annual study on social media marketing in April of 2012.  Over 3,800 marketers were polled for material, indicating what marketers think of social marketing today.  Here are 3 topics from the study with information on social marketing and how your marketing peers view the practices.

1.  How does using social marketing media grow businesses?

In addition to various online marketing techniques (such as email marketing or search engine optimization), the use of social media helps grow businesses by providing significant benefits.  Marketers were asked which benefits they believed social media provided for their businesses.  85% of the surveyed marketers stated that social media increased exposure for their business, as well as providing other advantages seen in the graph below:


2.  What social media tools do marketers want to know more about?

70% of the surveyed marketers were interested in learning more about Google+.  59% wanted to learn more about blogs, while 58% wanted to know more about Facebook.  If you’re interested in learning more about those tools, too, here’s some information on the three:

Google+ is barely a year old, and some businesses still seem uneasy about adding it to their array of social media tools.  However, marketers should definitely have a Google+ account for their business.  Clean and uncluttered, Google+ lets users put friends into different “circles”, which have access to different messages, posts, pictures, and videos, at the user’s discretion.

    • The most important thing for marketers to know?  Google+ lets you add a “+1” button to your website.  When viewers click it, your content is given extra weight in its search ranking.

Blogs come with a lot of questions because of their many options and unrestrained possibilities.  Whereas other social media tools have guidelines and limitations, blogs allow users to dictate almost anything about their page.  There are many sites that offer blogging services for free, but it’s up to marketers to decide what to do with their blogs.

    • The most important thing for marketers to know?  With very little restrictions, businesses must be careful to make sure that their blogs are structured and follow a format.  All content should be worthwhile, relevant, and interesting.

Facebook is the most commonly used social media tool, but is still listed as third for what tools marketers want to know more about.  With everyone on Facebook, how can users make their brand or business stand out from the others?  How do you make the most common social media tool unique for your purposes?  Be creative in your contest and giveaway ideas, upload photos that are relevant to your brand, and post videos—things that will catch your audience’s eye.

    • The most important thing for marketers to know?  Everyone’s on Facebook—use this to your advantage.  Watch your competitors and see what they do.  Watch what your audience does.  Use your information to build your own strategy and stay ahead of the game.


3.  How will marketers change their future social media marketing activities?

Your social marketing strategy should never remain stagnant.  As tools and consumers’ preferences change, your activities need to change as well.  Many marketers are planning to increase their use of certain social media tools in the future, in order to connect and keep up with consumers more efficiently.  For the surveyed marketers, these areas of growth include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google+, and LinkedIn.

    • YouTube:  76% of marketers intend to increase their use of YouTube (or other video sharing sites) in their marketing strategy.  Marketers are realizing the value of video as their businesses strive to stand out in creative ways.

    • Facebook:  72% of marketers state that they will expand upon their Facebook usage.  As the dominant tool in social marketing, it makes sense for marketers to continue to employ Facebook practices and increase their endeavors there.  This is also the area where most marketers start out, making Facebook the first form of social media that many marketers encounter.

    • Geo-location: Although not at the top of the list for most businesses, geo-location is on the rise for mid-size businesses.  This form of media, such as Foursquare, lets users “check in” to locations around the world.

If you are interested in reading the full report, check out this link.

Whether you want to know how social media can help grow your business, want to know more about the listed tools or any others, or are interested in changing your future social marketing activities, we can help.  Contact us so we can develop a social marketing strategy that will work for you.

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